Classic Manicure - $28

Classic manicure begins with a warm soak while your nails are shaped and cuticles are conditioned.  We finish with your choice of nail polish and a hot oil massage of your hands.

Plumeria's Signature Gel Manicure - $42

Includes all of the features of a Classic Manicure, but Shellac/Gel nail polish is used instead. You will enjoy 2-4 weeks of glorious high gloss shine.  No more chips, scratches, cracks, or dulling.  Thin yet strong, it protects and helps strengthen natural nails.


Plumeria's Spa Classic Pedi - $39

The healthier your feet are, the healthier you are.

* Shaping nails & cuticle

* Gentle exfoliation

* Orange scrub

* Massage

* Regular nail polish

Plumeria's Spa Deluxe Pedi - $68

The hydrating pedicure you have been waiting for!

A luxurious treatment including a soak and sugar scrub, moisturizing exfoliation, cuticle work, clay masque, paraffin wax, nails clipped and filed, hard skin is removed and a renewing clay masque is applied. A long hot stone massage.

Plumeria's Organic SIG Pedi-$83

The same as Spa Deluxe Pedi


Our certified organic ingredients promote healthy living according to an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. Our products uphold a higher standard of beauty with formulas free of harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Plumeria’s Jelly Bath Pedi $93

he same as Spa Deluxe Pedi

Plus: Benefits of the Jelly Bath Pedicure are that the dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with the fragrant oils in the Jelly Pedicure, moisturizes and softens dry cracked skin.